Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

Seth Thomas was a manufacturer of quality clocks in the United States for many years. This particular clock was handed down through the generations and was in need of a cleaning.

This is a typical 8-day wind clock that was a common feature in many households of the 50's and 60's. It had been over-oiled at some point in the past and there was a lot of dripping oil when I removed it from the case. The movement itself was in good condition showing very little wear for its age (probably due to all that oil!)

After cleaning the clock ran very slow which seems counter-intuitive but is not unusual. As a clock gets dirty or the oil gums up, the pendulum swings less agressively making the ticks closer together and causing the clock to speed up. If we regulate it appropriately, then after cleaning, it is set very slow so we need to recalibrate the adjustment.

Seth Thomas Clock

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